mdf shuttersMDF shutters, also known as hybrid or composite shutters, are made from a combination of basswood and medium density fiberboard (MDF). The unique material for these shutters is made by breaking down wood; adding wax, resins, and other stabilizing materials; molding it; and then subjecting it to pressure and heat. These shutters cannot be created in a wood finish, but they are designed to be painted and can be customized to suit your interior decor.

MDF shutters can be a great alternative to real wood shutters in areas of your home where wood shutters would not be practical. Wood shutters, for example, can become warped, split, or attract mildew over time if they are exposed to high levels of moisture. So if you are looking to install custom shutters in your kitchen or bathroom, or if you simply live in a particularly humid climate, MDF shutters might be the way to go. MDF shutters also tend to outperform real wood shutters in areas that get very hot and that see a great deal of sun exposure for the bulk of the day. So if you live in a very hot and sunny climate, you should also consider MDF.

Another major advantage of MDF shutters is that they are especially cost-effective. For the homeowner who is looking to give their interior space a fresh update with window treatments, all while staying within a particular budget, MDF shutters might be the perfect choice.

Those considering MDF shutters should keep in mind that MDF is heavier per square foot than real wood. This means that high quality MDF shutters must be made using higher grade hardware if the slats are going to be used over an extended period of time. MDF is also not quite as resistant to heavy wear and tear as real wood, so if you’re looking to install your shutters in a high traffic area—especially one that hosts children and/or pets—wood shutters may be the better choice.

Overall, composite/hybrid shutters made from MDF provide a good value and can be the perfect addition to your home.