Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Synthetic and Wood Shutters

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Synthetic and Wood Shutters
























Both synthetic and wood shutters look great in any home, but you should consider the following factors when choosing your new window shutters.


Synthetic shutters are often a cheaper option than wood shutters. Many people enjoy the look of wood shutters, but don’t like the price tag. If have a tight budget, then consider more affordable synthetic window coverings. Synthetic shutters still look great and are more cost-effective than real wood shutters.


Though many synthetic shutters look like wood shutters, real wood has a warm glow that can’t be entirely reproduced. If you are looking for an authentic plantation shutter that adds a whole new dimension of design to your house, then you might want to opt for real wood shutters. Real wood may be more expensive, but the price is worth achieving the perfect look.


Real wood shutters will remain strong during high winds and are long-lasting, but they are subject to rot and might not perform well in very wet or humid climates. Synthetic shutters won’t warp after exposure to water, but they could be damaged from UV rays. Wood shutters often need application of a protective coating every few years to make them last longer, while synthetic shutters will stand up against the elements without regular upkeep.

Only you can cast the final vote for synthetic or wood shutters, but it’s important to consider these factors when buying new window coverings for your home. Consult your local shutter store to learn more about both styles.

At Wasatch Shutter Design we offer a great selection of both synthetic and wood window coverings that will not only look great, but also offer your home protection from the sun. To learn more, visit our website or call us at (801) 466-6668 today.

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