Save Money with Window Coverings

Save Money Window CoveringsUsing high-quality window shutters as your choice for interior window treatments is an investment that will pay off in more ways than one. Shutters are a stylish, functional window treatment that look great and are practical to use. Besides adding taste to your home, they also help you save money.

Conserve Energy

Adding window treatments that cover the entire window can help to insulate your home, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This will translate into savings on your monthly utility bills. The more impermeable a window treatment is, the better it’s going to work as an insulator. Light, transparent coverings don’t do much insulating, but they let in the light. Heavy drapes are a moderate insulator, but make a room feel dark and closed in.

Shutters are a great option because their sturdy construction is great for insulating, and their versatility allows you to let in as much light as you want at different times of the day. The shutters can be closed during the hottest part of the day to block the heat from coming in, and then opened up when things cool down to let the light pour in.

Preserve Household Items

Sunlight is the harshest element, and it does a lot of damage to items that are continually in its path. Furniture, carpets, rugs, accessories and artwork can all be damaged by sunlight in a room where there is no treatment on the windows. Signs of sun damage include fading colors and deterioration of materials. Vinyl and leather can become brittle and crack. Fabric becomes weak and loses durability. Using shutters over the windows in rooms that receive direct sunlight allows you to block the sun from doing damage at peak times of the day. This can save you money in repair and replacement cost of household items.

Placement Tips

Deciding which rooms and which windows to use shutters in your home is easier when you take a few tips into consideration. The western facing windows in your home are the ones exposed to the most sunlight and heat. Using shutters on these windows would be the most beneficial in terms of lowering your energy costs and preserving household items. Southern facing windows receive the least amount of sunlight, so cafe style shutters that let in the light while still providing some privacy would be a good idea for these windows. Allowing a professional to come in and measure your windows for custom shutters will yield the best results for your unique space.


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