Should I Get Blinds or Shades?

looking out windowSo you’ve decided to invest in new window treatments for your home, but you’re unsure as to whether blinds or shades would be better for you. Here is a quick guide to when you should opt for blinds and when you should opt for shades for your window treatment needs.

Benefits of Blinds

More light control

Blinds typically offer more control over the amount of light that enters a room, as you can move the blinds up and down, and you can rotate the slats to let in varying levels of light.

Humidity resistance

Faux wood blinds in particular are known for their ability to resist high levels of humidity, making them perfect for humid climates and high-humidity areas such as the bathroom.

Going vertical

When shopping for blinds, you also have the option of having a vertical orientation for your blinds. Vertical blinds are especially great for large spaces such as patio doors and large windows, and they can be moved left and right with just the touch of a hand.

Benefits of Shades

More light blockage

If you have a room where you want little light to enter, shades typically offer more “blackout” options. While some shades are designed to only filter out UV rays while still allowing for a view outside, a great many other shades are designed to shut out light completely.

Filter incoming light

Do you want to filter out UV rays while still being able to see through your window treatments and into the outdoors? You might want to get special solar shades, which feature a sheer design that keeps UV rays out while still offering an outside view. Alternatively, you can select shades in a warm color that will “warm up” the sunlight entering your room.

Cordless options

Cordless varieties of shades will not only make your window treatments easy to use; they’ll also contribute to safety in environments that might be home to children and pets.

Keep in mind that there are many benefits that blinds and shades share as well. Both blinds and shades are easy to clean and maintain, and both come in a wide variety of styles. Both can also offer a great deal in energy savings when installed in your home. Whether you’re shopping for blinds or shades, you’re sure to find a window treatment that perfectly suits the level of privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and sophistication that you are looking for.

Can’t Choose?

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