Specialty Wood Shutters

Polished hard woodsIf you are looking for a truly custom, luxury look for your home, choose shutters made from a specialty wood. All of our specialty woods look beautiful when stained and all will hold up well with day-to-day use in your home.

Custom wood options for shutter design allows you to match your window dressings to the overall aesthetic of your home, even echoing the wood used for the furniture in a room. You get to name the look, selecting your preference for wood grain, color, and durability. Here are some of the benefits of each custom wood available:


Alder is the softest hardwood. In fact, sometimes it’s called semi-hardwood instead. That means that even though you get the beautiful fine grains, you also get lightweight panels that are easy to maneuver. Alder is appreciated for its rustic look, and the warm honey color that comes out when it’s stained. Alder can be found as a very clear, straight grain, or in interesting, knotted patterns.


Cherry is known for its smooth texture, and the straight and uniform grain. It’s beloved for its strong, rich color, ranging from reddish brown to a rich, warm red, or even a blond variation. It deepens and darkens with exposure to the sunshine, which can make it an awesome option for shutters.


Oak wood is famous for its strength and durability, which is why it’s been a popular choice in the past for anything from log cabins to old naval ships. It’s dense and solid, which can make it difficult to work with, but results in resistance to warping, despite fluctuations in temperature. Speaking of temperature, oak provides excellent insulation, guarding your home from hot and cold extremes. Oak is known for its grainy, knotted texture, which, cut properly, adds beautiful visual interest to a room.


Walnut wood ranges from chocolate brown (at the heart of the trunk) to yellowish (at the exterior). In the same panel of wood, you can experience a beautiful fade of color. Walnut wood has a moderate texture and medium texture.


Mahogany’s fine grain, beautiful color, and smooth finish make it one of the most sought-after woods. As one of the hardest hardwoods, it’s also very durable… even more so than oak. It will resist warping, dings and scratches. Mahogany absorbs sunlight and resists fading, which means that you’ll have beautiful color that endures over time.