Why You Should Choose Thermalite or Ultratech Shutters

What are the Benefits of Using Shutters and Window Coverings for Your Home?

Beautiful Bathroom ViewAs plantation shutters gain in popularity as window treatments in homes and businesses, manufacturers are developing new materials and building techniques to give consumers even more options. As the options for synthetic materials improve and increase, more and more people are drawn to these man-made materials when they make their shutter purchases. Among the forerunners in these increasingly popular synthetic materials are Thermalite and Ultratech Shutters.

 What makes these shutter’s so great? Well, we’ll tell you. These shutters are:

 •   Ideal for use throughout the entire home, even in high-humidity areas

•   Tested to outlast other synthetic shutters on the market

•   Engineered to give superior light control

•   Crafted with a durable, easy-to-use louvre system that is guaranteed to never need tightening

•   Built with a unique fastening system to attach the rod to the louvres that is guaranteed to never pull out

•   Crafted from a polymer foam that is environmentally-friendly, recyclable, and non toxic

•   Up to three times more energy efficient than wood, reducing your heating and cooling costs significantly

•   UV stable with an extra-hard, durable finish to extend the shutter’s longevity

•   Durable, waterproof, and flame resistant

•   Designed to have the appearance of real wood

•   Guaranteed not to shrink, expand, or yellow over time

•   Crafted of entirely solid materials, unlike many plastic shutters on the market

•   Resistant to termites and other pests

•   Able to insulate against external noise

•   Manufactured with a water-based painted finish to insure a lifelong true color with no harmful toxic effects to your home or your family

Shutters are an investment in your home. Choosing the style and materials that are the best fit for your home, budget, application, and personal taste is a crucial part of the process. If you absolutely must have genuine wood shutters, no matter what, then Thermalite and Ultratech shutters aren’t for you. If you’re looking for a product that will require little or no maintenance or repair, is suitable for any room in your house, will stay true to color and shape for years to come, and whose functionality will stand the test of time, then Thermalite or Ultratech might be your best option.

There are a lot of options out there for your shutters, and researching each type will help you to make an informed decision. We would love to help you through that process. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to talk with you about Thermalite, Ultratech, and the other types of shutters we offer. For questions, feel free to contact us, or simply fill out the contact form below.

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