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  • Use a soft damp cloth or duster (feather or synthetic) to clean shutters.
  • Do not use any abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean shutters.
  • Always tilt the shutters by using the tilt bar to reduce the chance of staples pulling loose.
  • Do not allow water to remain standing on the shutters. Over time large amounts of water can damage the shutter.


  • If you purchased your shutters from Wasatch Shutter Design, just give us a call. We offer a limited lifetime warranty and can evaluate your shutters for defects and issues.
  • Wasatch Shutter also repairs other companies’ shutters. Simply bring them to our factory to have them repaired.
  • Do your shutters need to be repainted? Our painted finishes are unmatched in the industry. Take advantage of our superior repainting services, and give new life to your shutters.


Wasatch Shutter Design is proud to offer a LIFETIME Warranty.
Wasatch Shutter Design extends a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of its SHUTTERS against defects in materials and workmanship. Wasatch Shutter Design will replace or repair defective parts, finishes or panels free of charge for materials and labor. Items specifically covered by warranty include: staples between louver and tilt rod, joints between rail and stile, louver tension and pigmented paint from “bleeding” or “discoloring” from internal pitch or UV sunlight (limited to ten years).

Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident or normal wear is not covered. Paint failure or swelling due to exposure to water, or cleaning methods/products are not covered. Misalignment of shutters from normal house settling is not covered. In order to receive warranty work, an inspection by an authorized Wasatch Shutter Design representative must take place to determine the cause of the problem. The inspection must reveal a manufacturer’s defect. A service charge will be applied if the inspection reveals that the problems are not a manufacture’s defect. Issues such as slight panel sagging, slight bending of material and slight color change over time are considered normal for some products and are not covered under warranty.

Warranty coverage on BLIND products varies based on the manufacturer and typically covers manufacturer’s defects no including abuse, neglect, normal wear, water damage or color fading due to exposure to sunlight. If a warranty claim is on a blind product installed over 1 year, it is the customer’s responsibility to bring the product to our office for repair.