Basswood Shutters

Wooden Window ShuttersWhen it comes to wooden shutters, basswood is our best selling hardwood, and it’s no surprise. Shutters made from basswood are aesthetically pleasing, light weight, easy to work with, warp-resistant, and come from a renewable resource. In fact, the United States grows nearly twice as much basswood as it harvests each year. Adding beautiful basswood shutters to your home can increase it’s value, make your home more energy efficient, insulate noise, and are a great solution for light control.

Basswood has a very straight and uniform texture. The wood grain is beautiful and realistic, because it is the real deal. Staining or painting the wood brings out the natural grain, and due to its unique composition, it can easily be stained or painted nearly any color without trouble. Basswood is a popular choice for shutters because the grain is light and stable. The wood is also lighter than other composite wood shutters, so it will not warp or twist due to normal moisture that is in the air. All of these features make basswood the most popular shutter material in the industry.

old basswoodThe basswood tree, or tilia tree, is a rapid-growing tree found in the temperate Northern Hemisphere. Sometimes, the tree is referred to as the lime tree, although it has no relationship to the fruit. Another name for the tree is the linden tree. The tree produces soft and easy to work with lumber that has been used for centuries. Germanic tribes used the trees to construct shields, and throughout history it has been used in sculpting, model building, puppetry, intricate carving, in instruments such as the guitar and wind instruments, and shutters. It’s leaves are heart-shaped and asymmetrical. They are popular trees because the leaves are very dense, and produce a lot of shade.