4 Reasons to Get White Plantation Shutters

4 Reasons to Get White Plantation Shutters

4 Reasons to Get White Plantation Shutters - Wasatch ShutterIf you’re considering investing in new window treatments for your home, now might be the time to consider getting white plantation shutters for your space. Here is a brief look at the many benefits that white plantation shutters can bring to your home.

A brighter space

White instantly brightens a space because of the way in which it reflects and diffuses light. White plantation shutters will block out light when you need them to, but they’ll also effectively direct sunlight into your room when you want the room to be bathed in sunlight.

Window treatments that go with anything

White is also the most neutral color you can get for window treatments. They will pair well with any color wall, and they’ll coordinate well with any wooden furniture you happen to have in the room. So, when you invest in white plantation shutters, you need not worry about any interior design changes you might make in your home down the road. This feature of white plantation shutters also means that you can get the same window treatments for multiple rooms in your home, even if they all feature a different decor style—giving you one way to make your home’s interior design more cohesive.

A great stand-alone window treatment

In addition to coordinating well with any room, white plantation shutters look great as a stand-alone window treatment. They look so elegant on their own that pairing them with curtains is truly optional. So if you’re looking to create a more minimalist space with an especially clean look, white plantation shutters might be just the window treatment option for you.

Durable material

White plantation shutters are also usually made from highly durable materials. Synthetic plantation shutters, for example, are made from a solid wood-like material that is both waterproof and resilient to long-term wear. Two of the most common types of synthetic shutters are thermalite and ultratech, both of which are extremely durable, waterproof, and flame resistant. They are also resistant to distortion from moisture, and they will not yellow over time. MDF or HDF shutters, meanwhile, are made from a special combination of wood flour and resin. These shutters are relatively inexpensive to work with, and they provide a smooth surface for painting, which means you can get white shutters now and paint them later down the road if desired.

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