Decorating Around Plantation Shutters: Dos and Don’ts

Decorating Around Plantation Shutters: Dos and Don’ts

dark wood shuttersAre you considering installing plantation shutters on the windows in your home? Here are some home decorating dos and don’ts you’ll want to consider.

Do choose curtains wisely.

Plantation shutters look great when paired with curtains; but especially if you have shutters that open into the room, curtains surrounding shutters can become cumbersome. The trick to pairing curtains with shutters is to select and position your curtains wisely. Hanging panels positioned alongside your windows, for example, allow you to maintain optimum usability of your shutters, as they will not interfere with opening and closing your shutters. Tiebacks installed to the sides of your windows can also keep curtains out of the way when needed.

Don’t feel like you absolutely need curtains.

On the other hand, don’t feel like you need curtains to complete your “window look.” In fact, if you opt for custom plantation shutters for your windows, you may very well see the finished look and admire the simple sophistication that shutters bring to your windows. Plantation shutters truly do stand out on their own as a window treatment, and the addition of curtains might be superfluous in your space.

Do consider your “shutter opening area.”

If you want to be able to open and close your shutters conveniently throughout the day (in addition to the slats themselves), be sure to consider your “shutter opening area.” This means not placing a large piece of furniture in front of or beside your shutters; keeping houseplants elsewhere; minding curtain placement (as you just read); keeping fragile wall art off of the walls near your shutters; etc.

Keep in mind, however, that most rooms do have furniture placed in front of a window or two, so you need not worry about being about to open and close all of your plantation shutters. Plantation shutters with their moveable slats still offer major light control—even when you don’t open and close the shutters themselves.

Don’t forget your doors.

Does your living room or kitchen have plantation shutters installed on the windows, only for the glass door that leads to your back patio to be left barren? Rather than trying to come up with a complementary window treatment for your back door, continue the plantation shutter look throughout the room and have custom shutters made for your back door.


If you have any questions about how to decorate around your shutters talk to a specialist today.



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