DIY Window Treatments

DIY Window Treatments

DIY Window TreatmentsIf you are looking up to spruce up your home but would like to do so in an inexpensive yet classy way, a DIY window treatment may be exactly what you need.  There are many ways to personalize your windows without breaking the bank, from window films to a custom valance.  Read on for 6 DIY ways to personalize your windows.  

Peel and Stick Window Film

You can add flair or privacy to a window with peel and stick window film.  You can purchase all sorts of films, solid as well as patterned.  Check Walmart and online retailers for one that fits your style.  Once you order it, feel free to cut it into fun shapes and patterns to personalize your space.  

No Sew Curtains

Knotted Chiffon Curtains

To make this cute DIY curtain, you will need chiffon, a curtain rod and scissors.  Cut pieces of chiffon about 6” in width and about 6” or so longer than your window.  Attach the pieces to the curtain rod using a cow hitch. Voilà! An adorable DIY curtain.

Repurposed Items

You can repurpose the items around your house such as napkins, old bedsheets, scarves and other things as curtains.  Simply sew or glue ribbons on the back of the repurposed item about every 6”.  If you are using a sheet, you can create tabs by cutting open the top hem of the sheet on the sides, and then cutting tabs on one layer of the sheet 2” wide every 4”.  Slide a rod into the sheet along the tabs.

Roman Shades

You can create your own roman shades with fabric and tension rods or mini blinds.  Using mini blinds (and then taking them apart for your shades) is definitely the easier method, but it doesn’t look quite as sharp as it does when you do the whole thing yourself.   

Stenciled Draperies

You can turn your drapes into a beautiful custom creation with just a few stencils and spray paint.  Lay your curtains out in your yard as flat as possible, weighing down the edges.  Strategically place the stencils on the curtain and use spray paint to fill them in.  

Clever Tiebacks

Instead of using a normal tieback, spruce up your life with a creative one.  Ideas include: a belt, a necktie, lace, a chain, a necklace, stuffed animal, bow, etc.  Find something that fits your style.  

Creative Valances

There are many ways to create a unique valance to fit your style.  You can use foam core and a remnant fabric, a custom monogram on fabric, old placemats, tulle, and more.  The sky’s the limit.  


If you have further questions about window treatments, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists today, or simply fill out the contact form.

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