Exploring the Qualities of Basswood

Exploring the Qualities of Basswood

Basswood shutter.

From shutters to blinds, there is little doubt that homeowners have a variety of options when choosing window coverings. Yet across the board, basswood is the most popular choice of material. Read through this blog to learn more about the wonderful qualities of basswood:


One of the more remarkable qualities of basswood is how little it weighs—basswood has a relatively low density when compared to other types of wood. Lightweight wood is ideal for window treatments, as it creates less strain on the window frame and walls. Basswood’s lightweight property also makes it popular for a variety of other products, including crates, musical instruments, and furniture.


If you’re interested in window treatments that will last for years, consider choosing basswood plantation shutters over curtains and blinds. For such a lightweight wood, basswood is an incredibly durable, sturdy material. Basswood is also a great insulator against cold winters and bright sunshine—and unlike many other wooden blind materials, basswood simply doesn’t warp.


Basswood is prized for its particularly fine texture and natural appearance. The grain tends to be very straight and smooth, making it ideal for blinds and shutters. Natural basswood color is usually a light, smooth brown with a warm tone.


Many hardwood materials are difficult or impossible to stain and finish. While you can elect to retain the natural appearance of the basswood, you can also paint or stain the wood to match the color scheme of a room. You won’t find a better material than premium basswood for a beautiful, uniform finish.

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