How To Care For Your New Wood Shutters

How To Care For Your New Wood Shutters










With any piece of fine wood furnishing, it’s important to ensure you take proper care to maintain its beauty for a lifetime. Fine wood shutters are no exception. Here are some easy tips that can keep your new wooden shutters looking like new.

Following Proper Usage Guidelines

  • Use the tilt bar when opening and closing louvers instead of adjusting them manually. This ensures that the movement is equally displaced on all louvers.
  • Do not tilt just one louver.
  • After installation, your consultant will properly instruct you on how to use your new shutters.

Dusting and Cleaning

  • Painted or stained wood shutters should be cleaned often with a duster or clean, dry cloth.
  • Vacuum shutters with the soft-brush attachment for upholstery or a soft toothbrush to get into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Use a lightly dampened cloth to remove any spots on the finishing. Do not use harsh cleaners. Using harsh chemicals can strip the wood, causing damage to the shutter.
  • Using a mild wood preserver on stained shutters can protect them and keep them looking glossy and elegant.
  • Use only products recommended for fine wood.

Eliminating Exposure to Water And Moisture

  • It’s important to keep in mind that exposure to water or moisture can cause damage to the finish on wood shutters.
  • To prevent any harm from moisture, keep windows closed during rain. Even if there are only sprinkles of rain outside, the shutters can become damp and damage the finish.
  • If you want shutters in your bathrooms or kitchens, then it’s recommended to use Thermalite or Ultratech shutters near water fixtures.

Extreme temperatures can also be detrimental to your wood shutters. Try not to place your shutters near heating vents, air conditioning units, space heaters, or fireplaces.

Our consultants can help you decide where the best location in your home is for your new shutters. Since 1996, Wasatch Shutter Design has been creating custom interior shutters for clients all over the Salt Lake City area. Call (801) 466-6668 to schedule an appointment.

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