Recognizing When Synthetic Shutters Are Better Options Than Wood Shutters

Advances in modern technology have made a variety of materials for interior fixtures available to homeowners. Synthetic materials are often more durable, versatile, and less expensive than traditional materials like wood. This blog discusses when placing synthetic shutters in your home may be a better option than the traditional wood shutters.

Easy Maintenance

  • Unlike traditional wood shutters, synthetic materials can be washed down with water and a mild detergent. With wood shutters, you must be cautious of the products you use to clean them, which could strip the paint or warp the wood.
  • Wood shutters may need to be repaired over time; the staples used in the slats can loosen and split the wood. With synthetic shutters, the constructers use glue, creating a clean finish that won’t come loose.
  • Traditional wood may fade and yellow over time, and need to be refinished. With synthetic materials, its color won’t fade in the sunlight.
  • If you have children in your household, then synthetic materials can stand up to most damage from crayons or markers. Your child’s masterpiece can simply be wiped off, restoring your shutters to its original color.

Low Cost

  • The biggest advantage of choosing synthetic shutters over wood is the cost. Synthetic materials can cost significantly less than traditional wood.

Synthetic wood is not affected by dampness, steam, and changes in temperature. Using synthetic wood for shutters is a smarter alternative when placing your shutters in bathrooms and kitchens where your shutters will be exposed to moisture.

Synthetic materials come close to the classic and natural appearance of traditional wood shutters, and can also offer homeowners some great advantages when it comes to durability and cost. At Wasatch Shutter Design, we can help you choose which material is right for your home. Call (801) 466-6668 for more information or to schedule a free in-home estimate today!

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