The Benefits to Buying Shutters with a Lifetime Warranty

The Benefits to Buying Shutters with a Lifetime Warranty


Window coverings are made to last, but some unforeseen issues can affect the length of their life. Buying window shutters from a company that offers a lifetime warranty will protect your investment from manufacturing problems. With a lifetime warranty, you can feel secure in the fact that your shutters will be protected:

Defective Materials

Sometimes, materials that do not meet the company’s high standards can make it through the manufacturing line. When you have a lifetime warranty, the shutter company will replace defective materials free of charge. If your wood shutters have a few slats that do not open correctly, for example, then the company will replace them—simple as that!

Poor Workmanship

Although it happens rarely, there can be cases where the shutters were not crafted as well as they should be. If you notice that the paint on your plantation shutters looks pigmented, then take them back to the company for a warranty repair. When you buy shutters from a name you trust, you should get the products you expect. A company that offers a lifetime warranty is committed to keeping their good name.

Quality Repair Center

A company that warranties their products is going to have a repair center with highly trained workers who know how to fix your shutters. Even if you have an issue that is not covered under the warranty, you can still bring the shutters in to the company for repair. If you accidentally ruined the finish with harsh chemicals, then the company can fix it for you. Whether your issue is user-error or a problem covered under warranty, like the staples between the louver and the tilt rod, they can fix it.

With the limited lifetime warranty from Wasatch Shutter Design, you know that your window coverings will be protected. Since 1996, we have been providing the people of Wasatch with the best shutters and window treatments. For more information on our products or warranty, please call (801) 466-6668.

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