Which Windows Work Best with Shutters

Which Windows Work Best with ShuttersShutters inside your home compliment any space, no matter what your decor style is. They can work well with basically any type of window, but it might take some extra design effort for some kinds. Most types of windows are ready for shutters right away, while some may need some alterations in the shutter design.

A Perfect Match

  • Gliding: As the most popular type of windows being installed in contemporary homes gliding windows can be seen pretty much everywhere. These windows consist of two panes, one that’s stationary, and one that slides open and closed. Shutters can easily be fit over gliding windows with little or no customization.

  • Double Hung: Similar to a vertical gliding window, double hung windows can open from the top or the bottom. This makes them a beautiful match for two-tiered shutters that can be opened at either or both ends.

  • Awning: An awning window is hinged along the top and swings open to the outside when unlatched. Shutters can be placed over awning windows and still allow the full range of motion.

Special Considerations

  • Picture (fixed): Picture windows are stationary windows that don’t open. They offer a view unobscured by interior panes and can come in any shape and size. They can be big enough to cover a whole wall, or just a small circle of light above a doorway. Picture windows often come in beautiful, custom shapes that would require carefully crafted shutters to fit. The finished effect is incredibly charming when the job is done right.

  • Casement: Windows that are built into a hinged frame, and opened by turning a crank are called casement windows. Shutters for these windows need to be customized with a special notch to close neatly over the crank.

  • Sliding Glass Doors: Even the largest sliding glass doors can be fit with a beautiful set of shutters. The shutters can be fitted into a track that allows them to slide open and shut along with the door, or to be folded back to let in the light.

In addition to the situations above, shutters can also be built to fit windows with any custom shape. A window with an arched top is very nicely set off by a set of cafe shutters that let the light come in through the top. The shutters can also be built with an arch to make a perfect match. The more detailed the design of your windows is, the more a nice set of shutters will call attention to it.

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