5 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

5 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

5 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Kitchen - Wasatch ShutterNatural light works wonders to beautify any home, and with the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, surely you’ll want to the extend the effects of natural light as much as possible there. Brightening up your kitchen to achieve the look of a well-lit sunroom can even enhance your mood as you spend time there throughout the day, not to mention turn your kitchen into a space for taking well-exposed, candid photos. Here are a few easy tips to help you brighten up your cooking space, even if you previously considered your kitchen to be one of the most dimly-lit rooms in the house.

Sunlight Mimicking Light Bulbs

If it’s still difficult introducing natural light into your home, try replacing the unsightly orange-hued incandescent light bulbs in your kitchen with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs that work to mimic the look of natural light in your home. Lower-wattage light bulbs can even produce the amount of light normally observed at higher wattages, helping you save money and energy. One more tip—check the wattage limits of your lighting fixtures and make sure that you’re using the brightest bulbs possible in those fixtures.

Under-Cabinet Recessed Lighting

Under-cabinet recessed lighting is great for its convenience, ease of reach, and tidy, tucked-away look, plus its ability to serve as an additional source of lighting for an otherwise dim room. Just be sure that this lighting also features natural light-imitating light bulbs so that your kitchen can have the most natural look possible.

Add More White

There’s a reason why camera reflectors are white in color—white causes light to bounce off of it and thus can work to fill a lit room even more with light. Try painting your walls an off-white color, installing classic subway tile underneath the cabinets, or changing up your old cabinets for modern white ones. Even white granite, quartz, or marble countertops are an option you can go with.

Reduce Clutter

A clean kitchen with minimal countertop items will naturally offer you more breathing room and contribute to a brighter space. Consider getting drawer organizers for your drawers or seriously organizing your pantry so that fewer things need to sit out in your kitchen.

Indoor Shutters

Indoor shutters are a great way to brighten up any kitchen because the slats can quickly be opened to let light in with the flick of your wrist, and the shutters can be unlatched and fully opened to let in as much light as possible.

We at Wasatch Shutter can create wood or synthetic shutters to suit any window—even curved windows. If you’re looking to bring some serious sunlight into your home, consider getting an estimate with us today.

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