Benefits of Having Shutters in the Winter

Benefits of Having Shutters in the Winter

Benefits of Having Shutters in the WinterPlantation shutters are the new trend in home decor.  They are a fun modern alternative to the classic blind.  Their versatile nature make them easy to put in any room of your house, or all of the rooms in your house.  They can add light to the room or easily be shut to darken the room. They are great for those who have allergies, as they are easy to wipe down, removing dust and other allergens.  Plantation Shutters are remarkably easy to use, you just slide the middle shaft up and down to open and close the shutters.  There are no complicated (and dangerous) strings and rods. The shutters are also very durable, waterproof and flame resistant.  Outfitting your home with plantation shutters will also increase the value of your home.  While all of these things are great, how do plantation shutters help you during the winter?

Keep Heat Inside and Reduce Energy Costs

The top reason why plantation shutters are so wonderful is because they keep the heat inside and reduce energy costs. The main cause of a cold home is heat loss.  You can crank up the heater and turn on the fire, but if any heat can seep out through the cracks in windows and doors, the house will be freezing.  Anywhere from 25-50% of the energy can escape through your windows.  Plantation shutters add a protective barrier between the windows and the rest of the home, helping the heat to stay inside.  You can shut the shutters to keep the cool drafts away from the rest of the home.  A natural benefit of properly insulating your home is that your energy costs will become lower.


Plantation shutters are an easy way to control the privacy of your home.  Unlike traditional blinds — that still allow people to peek in if you tip the slats the wrong way — plantation shutters offer total privacy.  If you close them, no one can look into your home.  You can even adjust them to allow light to enter the home, but not allow others to see in.  

Easy to Decorate

Because plantation shutters are solid and durable, they are easy to decorate.  Many light-weight decorations such as cards, garlands, and lights will stay put without a struggle.  You also don’t have to worry about getting cords tangled up in your decor.  Many people also like to use curtains alongside their plantation shutters.  That gives you the best of both worlds, the delicate flowing fabric of the curtains and the privacy and heat trapping properties that plantation shutters offer.  

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